Fitting the new Silent Gliss curtain tracks

Very often the trouble with home automation kit is that they don’t come with clear instructions for installation. Just last week I fitted Silent Gliss curtain tracks in my home and fortunately it was pretty straightforward. Curtain tracks can be notoriously fiddly items to fit, one of most difficult parts is getting them to fit into their brackets, and getting the curtain rings on the poll itself. Automated curtain systems are no exception to this either, although they are meant to work much more simply and easily, electric curtain tracks have many of the same pitfalls as their manual counterparts.

Now you may be wondering how my curtain rail from Silent Gliss differs from a regular one in your home? The answer is that the curtains themselves have the home automation features, while the poll remains the same as a non electric one. You attach your curtains in the regular fashion, however in between each curtain ring is a small motorised slider in between each curtain hook and is driver by the rotating motor.

How Silent Gliss curtain tracks help to automated your home

silent gliss curtain tracks

The actual clever home automation part goes on in the box attached to the left of the curtain pole. Each of the Silent Gliss curtain tracks feature a small side box that contains not only the motor to drive the machine but also the sensors for receiving commands and inputs. Depending on what model you buy, your small control box will come with an array of sensors, these can sense things like daylight, as well as motion in the room, which means your curtains can operate fully automatically without input from yourself.

If you’ve paid for the higher models of these curtain tracks, you may find that they can be controlled via an app on your smartphone, these types of applications can control not only the opening and closing of your curtains but also the setting of alarms so that your curtain tracks operate at a specific time of day.

What features does a silent gliss curtain track offer?

Most curtain track companies out there offer a wide variety of features and depending on your budget you can pretty much pay whatever you want. Automated curtains are fairly new to the market and therefore there aren’t huge number of sellers and suppliers out there, because of this there are only a handful of online stores to choose from, which makes shopping around for competitive prices fairly easy.

automated curtains

Very often you will find that if you are elderly and need the equipment for mobility reasons, you can often apply for things like grants from your local council if you can prove that you are experiencing difficulty enclosing your regular curtains. The beauty of automated curtains are that they can be operated very easily by almost anyone and the installation is done in next to no time at all. Typically you don’t even require a qualified electrician to get the job done, they usually come fully assembled and ready to slot into place.

Automated curtains and a silent gliss curtain track

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of Electric curtain track manufactures out there but a Silent Gliss curtain track tends to be the industry standard that most people will recognise if they done any shopping around. While these may not be the cheapest suppliers out there, they are generally thought of as the highest quality in the longest lasting which when you’re paying this amount of money, you really want to look for.

It can often be useful to ask your supplier for extra electric curtain hooks because very often you’ll need more hooks and you thought you initially would, it is useful to have them on hand rather than having to pay extra in future. Automating your curtain system can be a great way to add a little character to your home and really bring things into the future.